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Terms & Conditions

You understand that to be able to ship your order/ packages you must be older than 18 years and be able to provide a valid tax id (persoons nummer) from Aruba.

You understand that your shipment will have charges for freight, import duties, broker charges for documentation, processing of import permits and other charges incurred in transporting & clearance of your shipment.

When payment is not fulfilled, Boroncana Cargo Services N.V.(BCS Cargo Services) reserves the right to withhold any and all shipments until FULL payment is received. You agree to pay 2% interest charges per month on the outstanding payment. After a period of 45 days, you give us permission to sell the shipment by public or private sale of which the proceeds will be used to cover charges and expenses. If any balance of your payment remains after the sale, you will still owe it to us.

You agree not to have these materials shipped to our freight forwarder in order to be shipped to Aruba: currency, human remains, drugs prohibited by law, jewelry, precious metals, firearms and ammunition and hazardous/ explosive materials, that are prohibited under regulatory departments of country of origin and Aruba. Any violation or charges incurred will be your sole responsibility.

We reserve the right to inspect any shipment, including the opening of packages, to determine the adequacy of packing, or the existence and/or extent of damage, or the accuracy of the description of the contents, or the acceptability of the shipment for transportation.

We reserve the right to refuse to ship a package if we note that the contents is liable to soil, taint or damage other merchandise or we judge the contents improperly packed for transport.

Regardless of any declared value of goods and for transportation, the liability of Boroncana Cargo Services N.V. (BCS Cargo Services) shall be limited to USD 100.00 per shipment for incidents including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, non-delivery, misinformation, any failure to provide information, or mis-delivery of information, or otherwise adversely affected, while shipment is in our possession or during pick-up and delivery. We shall not be liable for any delays due to a cause beyond our control including, but not limited to carrier delays, cancellation and climatic conditions. We shall not be responsible for packages and correspondence not received at the address provided to you or not signed for when received by our freight forwarders warehouse personnel.

All of our services and charges are subject to change without notice in response to cost increase and or any other factors that might affect the service.

Boroncana Cargo Services N.V. (BCS Cargo Services) does not provide insurance for shipments. Regardless of any declared value of goods and for transportation, the liability of Boroncana Cargo Services N.V. (BCS Cargo Services) shall be limited to a maximum of USD 100.00 per shipment.

Separate Insurance can be purchased for your shipments through our freight forwarder. Please be informed that a deductible of USD 500.00 is charged if/when claiming the insurance.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined herein.